I will see you later, Yello And Browntail

by Moko
(Chicago sub, IL)

Unexpected things happen in life, but this will impact rest of my life that nobody around me understands much.

My heart had been broken since I had to move and rehome my 6 hens due to safety of them and I. I was already grieving to be away from them after 2 and half months.

5 days after I visited them for only 10 min, their new owner contacted me to say that my favorite, Yello, couldn't even walk and my other baby, Browntail, got attacked by hawk the day before.

I couldn't even stand up with shock. I had always protected them from hawks, because they were there almost every day. I walked right by them like a little 2 year old.

The new owner told me he had only 4 hens and 2 roosters, but finally when I visited he had almost 50 in small back yard with 4 roosters. I also found he free ranges all day and goes to work, and there is no net over the yard. I just didn't think anyone would do that.

I am still suffering and asking God why? Why take them away this way?

Yello was breathing out of her mouth heavily the next day, so I took her to the vet to get her oxygen and find out what's wrong. But they couldn't ever test her, she was in a critical condition and suffering.

She was warm and still breathing in my arms, but I can't selfishly take her home and I made a choice. They took her, she was in like glass tank with oxygen. I could not believe what was going on. They took her and I left.

I was thinking like my dog went thru...why they didn't they even ask me to attend? Later I found out it is not same way and I was even shocked. How could I let her go thru this?

I still don't know if this is what she wanted. Maybe she wanted to live? If she wasn't breathing like that, I would have kept her home.

As I was driving home from vet, I noticed her spirit came back to me. She is in peace with God. I hope Browntail is too. I wished it was not this way and this young. They were only 10 months old. It seems God put them together in heaven not to be lonely.

I just wish society would teach children how precious hens are and appreciate the eggs they provide us. It's not easy; sometimes they die for it and nobody knows, like I didn't.

God made them. Roosters are also amazing, they protect the hens every second of their lives. They are amazing. They were born for god's plan and purpose.

I love you forever and will see you later my babies.

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A lovely tribute.
by: Cath

Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to your wonderful Yello And Browntail, Moko. It's so obvious how much you cared for them and how sad you are that you can't have your flock any more.

You did the best you could for them. You tried to find them a good home where they would be loved and cared for. And when Yello became ill, you got the best possible help for her.

I hope you will be able to remember them both with love, and also to know that you were a wonderful carer of your chickens. Circumstances made that very hard for you, but you did everything you could.

Sending many hugs to you, across the miles.

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