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Old World Christmas tree ornaments.

Want to introduce some tradition into your family Christmas? Here are some ideas - these Old World glass ornaments will add an elegant sparkle to your tree!

Wanting to add in some traditional glass ornaments to your Christmas décor? 

I don't know about you, but I have really fond memories from childhood of watching, fascinated, as the ornaments on our Christmas tree sparkled in the fairy light glow.

It meant that Christmas was really here.

My dad's mother was German, and we were lucky enough to have some of her traditional glass decorations - and, believe it or not, some real tree candles! - as part of our childhood traditions.

They were all lost. I have no idea where they went. For years I used the plastic baubles you can buy anywhere, but they just weren't the same.

They didn't have that special sparkle.

So when I saw some real traditional glass decorations from the "Old World" company, I was delighted. Since finding them, I've bought a lot.

A lot!

Now, I have to hold my hands up here - not all of them are chicken-themed. I do have all those that are, but I also have some that aren't.

I'm sharing them here just because I love them and I wanted to share a bit of fun time with you. I enjoy writing about them so much, and deciding which to buy next! 

Let's start with the chicken-themed ornaments.

My favourite - an Old World Christmas hen on her nest (click to buy)

A glass Old World Christmas tree ornament: hen on nest. One of my favourite traditional decorations which is pretty unique and adds a generous sparkle to my holiday decor!

So clearly, I love this because she's a chicken, and I love chickens. But I also love it because of the craftsmanship that has gone into it.

All the "Old World" ornaments are based on the German tradition of using traditional hand-blown techniques to create unique decorations which are then hand-painted and glittered.

The result is a sparkly, colourful addition to my Christmas tree which I hope I'll be able to pass down my family to my nephews' families, so that when they're my age they can look back and remember happy Christmas holidays, as I do now.

Any drawbacks?

They're glass, so obviously they need much more careful looking after than the run-of-the-mill plastic decorations.

But as long as they're stored well - I just use lots of tissue paper and a small box - there's no reason why they shouldn't last for years.

Here are some more chicken and farm-based Old World glass ornaments.

I choose to use the "Old World" company because their quality is excellent - they've been using these old-style methods since 1979. They're also ranked number 1 in the US for customer satisfaction - it's one thing that makes them stand apart from other retailers.

Their attention to detail on these ornaments is second to none, as you can see - and considering how labour intensive the process is, their prices are kept very low.

To be honest, the ornaments are even better in real life than photos can portray. I just love them.

Animal-themed glass ornaments.

I chose this category because, like many chicken-lovers, I also love animals. I like my festive tree to reflect the passions of myself and my family.

And I've found that the first of this collection - the paw print - is a lovely gift for anyone who's lost a beloved dog during the year. 

I bought one for myself after our lovely Yorkie, Effie, was killed and it somehow made me feel her spirit was there with us at Christmas.

Traditional fruit and nut tree baubles.

I choose to buy these Old World decorations because they use the same technique that's been used since 1847 by the German glass-blowers of Lauscha. 

Their first attempt at glass tree ornaments were in the form of fruit and nuts, which were also, of course, given as gifts to children in their Christmas stocking.

I remember that tradition as a child - I always received an orange or tangerine, some walnuts and a coin.

Imagine giving those to children now. As one of my nephews would remark: "where's the batteries?"

Traditional Christmas tree ornaments.

Although I love the more out-of-the-ordinary decorations, there's always a place for traditional figurines on your holiday tree.

Here are a few I particularly like. It would take much too long to list all the decs that the Old World Company make - they have over 1400 unique designs covering all the different holidays, including Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving.

Are you getting excited for Christmas now?!

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