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The Extraordinary Chickens Calendar 2020: review.

A chicken-lover's dream: the calendar that always sells out. Buy before it's gone!

An extraordinary chickens calendar - Pin for later.

You'll love this calendar as much as I do. You'll love it because it will make you smile every day - and because your chickens are extraordinary too!

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It's that time of year again. You're looking for gifts for people who love chickens which will last all year through.

Or you love hens yourself and feel you deserve a treat (you know you do!). 

Or you want to put a little something on a 'wishlist' as a not-so-subtle hint for your family.  

Well, how about this for an idea? Not just any old calendar - stunning pictures of the most stunning chickens - ever!

And look - this year, the cover girl is a Polish!

Practical things.

The calendar is well printed on a good quality, heavy gloss paper. It looks expensive and to be honest, it's not cheap. But that quality makes it fairly resistant to tearing. 

The pictures are of such great quality from a photographer's point of view. And  importantly from a chicken-lover's perspective, they really do capture the fun, charm and sometimes the craziness of both hens and roosters.

March's chicken - a silver laced Polish.2020's March chicken of the month - a silver-laced Polish.

They're actually good enough to frame after the year is over. A double bonus, when most calendars are thrown away!

A word of warning...

This calendar always, but always sells out long before Christmas. I order mine as soon as it comes out in Europe - normally as early as mid-September.

Yes, that seems ridiculously early for a Christmas gift, let alone for a New Year surprise. But if you don't buy early, the chances are it will sell out before you get there.

Make sure you don't miss out!

It gives all the major festivals and holidays for Australia, Canada, the UK and USA, together with important dates from other countries and the occasional day most of us have no idea about.

Who knew World Animal Day was 4 October? Well, you'll know next year!

But more importantly for chicken-holics like me, you learn an awful lot from this calendar about chicken breeds.

Because it tells you which breed the large photograph is, and what the smaller chicken on the bottom of each month is.  

Month to a page chicken calendar

Any drawbacks of this particular chicken calendar?

Well... it's stapled together, with a small hole for hanging. If you're not careful it can tear which makes it the one thing I'm not keen on. I'd really prefer some kind of metal hanger. 

But it's not designed that way. Hey ho - you can't have everything, and it's a small point. I've had this calendar since I first discovered it six years ago, and none of mine have torn. You just have to be careful as you fold over each month.

Hanging my chicken calendar from a pin.I use a small pin to hang my calendar. It works fine!

It's a "month to view" calendar, so the daily squares are quite small. If you're looking for a family calendar where you can keep track of lots of appointments, this isn't the one for you. 

I use it as a quick "at a glance" calendar.

One page to a month 2020 calendar.

But mostly I use it to look at the pictures and wonder where I could get this month's featured breed...

What do I love most about this chicken calendar?

My chicken calendar 2019.My 2019 Extraordinary Chickens calendar, with 2018 on the wall. I buy the new one in October!

It has to be the photos. Taken by a British-born photographer who has worked for Life and Good Housekeeping magazines (among many others), his preferred subjects are chickens - and it shows.

He manages to capture the character of each breed he features, as well as all its physical  quirkiness.

It's just delightful.

Can you tell how much I love this chicken calendar?

Don't leave it too late though - as I said, this calendar always sells out long before Christmas, let alone the New Year. I've learned that from hard experience!

If it's too soon to talk about Christmas yet, why not Pin it for later. But if you want to buy it now, just click on this link. 

Or, if that one doesn't do it for you ...

I can't lie - I do especially love this one. But sometimes people buy me different calendars, so here's a few of my other favourites too. 


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Ooooooh you MUST have a look especially at the Chicken Fairy-Tale book - I guarantee, any chicken lover (particularly if you have Silkies) will adore it! 

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