2023: "Hatch Like a Mother Hen" is currently suspended.

Unfortunately, due to both the restrictions of bird flu in Europe, I am not able to get hatching eggs at this time. So with regret I have to suspend my incubating and hatching course for the foreseeable future, as a large part of the course teaches through live demonstrations. 

Hopefully it will be possible later in the year.

So bookmark this page and come back later in the year for details, or join my newsletter where you'll get details before everyone else!

Hatching Eggs Like a Mother Hen!

Your step-by-step guide to a perfect hatch!

Take a look at these common incubation problems. Do any of them sound familiar?

Baby chick

You're thinking of hatching eggs but not sure where to start.

Baby chick

You're worried you might kill off all the chicks before the eggs even hatch.

Baby chick

You'd like to know more about what happens inside the egg.

Baby chick

You're a teacher and want to show your pupils the magic of incubation - and you need to get it right!

Baby chick

Join my course: "Hatch Like a Mother Hen" - you'll love it (and learn at the same time!).

This popular course has existed for five years and been successfully completed by over three thousand people just like you. I am a step-chicken-momma to thousands of healthy chicks, worldwide!

The updated course will require a subscription to join. My less detailed information about hatching will still be available for free, here.

In this step-by-step course, you'll discover :

  • Which incubation equipment you really need - without breaking the bank.

  • What words like 'candling' mean and when you should and shouldn't do it.
  • How eggs develop on every single day of incubation.
  • When and why moving the egg could kill the chick.

In videos, pictures and text you'll learn :

  • How to choose the best eggs for hatching.

  • How to see the chick developing - without disturbing it.
  • Exactly what you're seeing when you look at the egg from the outside in.

An incubated chicken egg, showing the developing blood supply.
  • When and how the process of hatching happens.

  • What's normal, what's not, and how to deal with problems.
  • What to do with your chicks after they've hatched.

There will also be an opportunity to
use my unique images...

Every year, I receive requests - often from teachers - to use my "chick-in-egg" series. This is a group of 21 hand-drawn images showing the chick's development in the egg at every day of incubation.

I had these images specially commissioned, and I hold the exclusive copyright.

There are no others like them anywhere - unless, of course, they have been stolen...

The incubated egg at day 8 - copyrighted version.You will have the opportunity to buy these images under licence.

In my re-designed course, there will be an opportunity to buy this series under licence. This will give purchasers the opportunity to download the images for legal use in the classroom and beyond. 

It's an unique opportunity to access a pack of detailed images of a chick's development, day by day.

Don't miss out!

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