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Hatching Happy Chickens -
Your 28 day guide to perfect peeps!

Baby chick

So you're thinking of hatching eggs but not sure where to start?

Baby chick

Worried you might kill off all the chicks before the eggs even hatch?

Baby chick

Anxious to know more about what happens inside the egg?

Baby chick

Or just fascinated by the whole process of hatching healthy, happy chicks?

Baby chick

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In this 28 day, step-by-step series, you'll discover :

  • Which incubation equipment you really need - without breaking the bank.

  • What words like 'candling' mean and when you should and shouldn't do it.
  • How eggs develop on every single day of incubation.
  • When and why moving the egg could kill the chick.

In videos, pictures and text you'll learn :

  • How to choose the best eggs for hatching.

  • How to see the chick developing - without disturbing it.
  • Exactly what you're seeing when you look at the egg from the outside in.

  • When and how the process of hatching happens.

  • What's normal, what's not, and how to deal with problems.
  • What to do with your chicks after they've hatched.

You'll learn, you'll be fascinated, you'll be excited, you'll have fun - what have you got to lose?

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Nine baby chickens

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