Joy During the Pandemic

by Kim
(Pennsylvania USA)

Peanut practicing

Peanut practicing

Last December, a friend of mine messaged me and asked if I would like to have her flock of five hens along with the coop and related accoutrements. We had considered getting chickens before, but never took the plunge. They arrived a few days later. I have officially become the crazy chicken lady since then.

Once spring came and we, along with the rest of the world, were coping with the pandemic, I was looking for a way to bring a little joy into my anxious children's lives amid all the uncertainty.

We are lucky enough in southwestern Pennsylvania, to live fairly close to a wonderful and reputable hatchery. They were able to still continue their business as a drive through using strict safety policies, so right before Easter we took the plunge and drove out to their farm to wait in the chick drive through.

We excitedly awaited our turn and opted for four chicks; two Black Stars and two Buff Orpingtons. We nervously set up our brooder, since we picked all the supplies at the “drive through” and hurriedly tried to get them warmed.

Those first few days were worrisome; checking for pasty butt, constantly checking the brooder temp, were they eating, were they drinking. They grew so quickly progressing through adorable stages and awkward dino-chick stages.

My kiddos just loved them so much and have nurtured them like mother hens. (Pun intended 😂) They enjoyed hanging out with them and being parrot like on your shoulder. They begged for “house chickens,” but as much as I enjoyed bonding with them, they needed to be outside. They made that transition and are embracing being young chickens.

We just took the plunge again and went back last week and got two more chicks; two adorable Easter Eggers, Tillie and Truffle. We feel a little more confident having been through it once. We’re looking forward to watching them grow. We’re definitely hooked!

I am so grateful for having had the ability to distract my family from some of the scariness of the pandemic with the joyful experience of raising chicks and I’m sure it will bring us more joy for years to come!

Thank you Cath for all of your wisdom and guidance! We appreciate having a reliable source of information as we navigate raising our chickens!

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A happy story bringing light to our day!
by: Cath

Kim, thank you so much for sharing these incredibly cute little chicks! What a great job you and your family have done.

I loved reading this story, especially how you have turned such a difficult and, as you say, scary time for your children into such a positive experience. They will remember it for the rest of their lives, for all the right reasons.

I'm so glad my information has been able to help you, in however small a way, and I so appreciate your taking the time to say that - it means a lot. Thank you!

I hope your children enjoy watching your chicks grow into healthy, happy chickens - and eventually, eating their nutritious, delicious eggs!

Sending best wishes to all of you!

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