My first baby chicks!

by Mary Mal
(Sedona AZ, USA)

My 3 youngsters!

My 3 youngsters!

This is my first time raising chicks and it is going well!

Patty is a Speckled Sussex, Goldie is a Buff Brahma Bantam and April is a Creme Legbar!

Every morning we all spend quality time together. So they are very tame! It is amazing to see the different traits that come out so early like foraging, (April is the best) and jumping/flying (Patty) and stealing from others (Goldie).

I am amazed at how fast they grow. They are 2 weeks apart from each other and yet each tolerates the others perfectly. Like love at first sight! I still hold the oldest one because she’s still such a baby even though she’s quite big already!

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Such a lovely brood!
by: Cath

Hi, Mary,

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of your lovely new chicks! I am so happy that it's going so well for you in your very first time.

It's always fun to watch chicks grow and develop – and you're right, they grow so quickly! I remember my first brood and being amazed at how quickly they grew wing feathers and were able to fly.

You've chosen some lovely breeds. Speckled Sussex chickens become more and more spectacular as they grow. I always keep some in my flock for the colouring, and also because they're so chatty and inquisitive.

Cream Legbars are also among my favourites. I found mine were quite shy and, if I wasn't careful, they would get bullied – particularly by my Red Stars. So I'm glad to hear all yours are getting on well together. Their eggs add some lovely shades to the daily egg basket.

Brahmas are one breed I haven't had (yet!). I'd be so interested to see more pics as they grow, and to know what you think of the breed once they're adult.

Congratulations on your lovely brood of chicks, and may they continue to give you much pleasure as you watch them grow.


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