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Chicken memorials, August to November 2023.

Our tributes to all the chickens we have loved and lost during two months in 2023. Add yours, or give support to others.

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Sweet Little Beatrix

Beatrix and Tulip

The spring, my mom brought me 2 beautiful Silkie chicks, one black and one white, from a swap in Kentucky. Both got sick. The little white sister died

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Our sweet girls - Matilda and Petunia

Matilda (front) and Petunia (rear)

Matilda was a bantam Rhode Island Red who was hatched in May 2019 at a nearby pre-school class and then given to us when she was two weeks old. A few weeks

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Lucie & Peaches, 2023

Lucie & the gang

Lucie was our Leghorn. We got her as a chick on Easter. It was our very first time having chicks. My husband surprised us with 4 of them. I was like omg,

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Little Timmy – the star behind my pet therapy farm

Little Timmy was a Micro Serama, the smallest chicken breed in the world. He was hatched in my backyard in Idaho. I was technically in city limits when

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Rudy the rooster and the herding oar

To begin, I've only raised chickens for 2 years. Got the babies at tractor supply store. I knew nothing. Read everything about them. I didn't realize

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Dottie was a Speckled Sussex that we got at 3 days old. She was a failure to thrive baby and the place we bought her from gave her to us for free after

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Memorial tributes to chickens we have lost during January and February, 2023.

Sharing memories of the chickens we have loved and lost during the early part of 2023..

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RIP Regina Reggiotto the best chicken there ever was.

Regina eating with my dog

Regina was a Rhode Island Red that was rescued from a slaughterhouse. My brother is orthodox Jewish and practicing Jewish slaughtering (it’s called shechita

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Rosa, Yella and Bluela

My husband got our 3 year old girl 3 chicks . They were dyed pink yellow and blue so we named them Rosa,Yella and Bluela. Our little one adored them and

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The first time i saw Noodles she was screaming for her life while being weighed at a butcher's shop. But she wasn't heavy enough so the butcher weighed

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Late Night Stroll

Elizabeth was born on March 1st 2009 in New Jersey. She was a white Leghorn who was used for eggs in a tiny cage shared by 3 other hens. I had just gotten

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The Story of Mr. P 2020-2022

We got him from a lady because I really wanted a Polish chicken. She had 3 Polish roosters, so we got all 3 because they needed homes and a couple of hens

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My first baby chicks!

My 3 youngsters!

This is my first time raising chicks and it is going well! Patty is a Speckled Sussex, Goldie is a Buff Brahma Bantam and April is a Creme Legbar!

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Jack Bird

At around 4PM on the 1st of December, 2021, our dear friend Jack, passed-away… For an entire month I have struggled at addressing and finalizing this

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